MICE groups

i-Xperience is an ideal activity for both holiday tourism and business trips (incentives, conferences, team building, cultural tours, seminars, etc.). As it is organised in mini groups of 1 to 3 people, it is a very safe activity in terms of “health”, which allows it to be organised for global groups of up to 500 people without risk.

For MICE groups visiting Andalusia, we would provide you with a list of links that you can distribute among the participants, which makes the process very easy and safe. Each participant will be able to click on the link and start their experience whenever they want, and explore the city alone, or with colleagues or friends. i-Xperience is the most ideal, safe, fun and original way for your group to visit and explore the city where their event is taking place. It is the perfect alternative to the traditional tours with 20/25 people together following a guide (at a fixed time, with a predefined itinerary, at an imposed pace, etc). i-Xperience is the new generation of tours, featuring virtual avatars, which allows you to visit a city (its culture, art, gastronomy, genuine aspects, etc.) at your own pace and in a safe, original, modern and fun way. Moreover, participants can benefit, if they wish, from discounts and special offers in several museums, shops, bars and restaurants in the city. It is also a perfect gift during MICE events.

We can also customize the i-Xperience for your company or agency, with your logo, specific POIs (points of interest), leaving from the hotel and ending if you wish at a pre-booked restaurant for dinner, etc.

Contact us to discuss the many possibilities i-Xperience offer for corporate travel anywhere in Andalusia.

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