Below you will find the answers to any questions you may have about the i-Xperience (what it is, how it works, how long it lasts, what are the Points of Interest (POIs), what you need, etc). Just click on each question to access the corresponding answer.

In any case, you can always write us an email to and we will answer you as soon as possible.

It’s the best way to explore the city while learning, playing and having fun, using a mobile phone or Tablet as the only tool you will need (works with iOS and Android). Explore the city at your own rhythm, in complete safety, by yourself, with your partner, family or friends and enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers at many different places.

Thanks to its geolocation system, the application (MooveGo App) will take you to the most famous Points Of Interest (POI) of the city, but also to secrets places usually only known by the locals. And you know what? You are totally free to go to the POIs of your choice, at your own pace (for up to 24 hours).

You will be able to discover the city, its History, Art, Gastronomy and Genuine places. In addition to general information of interest, you can enjoy a unique element of fun thanks to our quizzes (questions), mini-games (“find the pairs”, hangman, puzzles, etc.) and many challenges (take photos and videos, interact with the locals, etc.).

i-Xperience is ideal both for foreign travellers / tourists as well as for locals wishing to explore their city in a fun and original way. It is an ideal experience for all ages, but it should be noted that those who want to explore every corner of the city and get the most out of the experience will have to walk quite a bit. In terms of age, children can participate without any problems (ideally from 10 years old), as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult.

Each licence is valid for one mobile device (smartphone or tablet using IOS or Android).

You can enjoy this experience by yourself, with your partner, with family or friends. In the case of playing alone and having headphones, take them with you, you will find them useful when listening to our avatars. And if not, just turn up the volume and enjoy!

If you are more than 3 people, we recommend you purchase 2 or more licences and enjoy the experience together but each couple/group with their own mobile device, in order to get the best out of it (and compete to see who ends up with the highest number of points!).

All you need is your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and a wifi or 4G/5G connection to download the app and the game. Once downloaded, you can go out and enjoy the experience even without a data connection.

To enjoy the activity, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes (you might be doing a relatively long walk) and being ready to have a lot of fun.

To enjoy the activity, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes (you might be doing a relatively long walk) and a lot of fun.

The process is totally secure, your credit card information will not be kept after the purchase.

The download of the App is also safe. After the experience, you can either delete the App from your mobile device or save it to enjoy a similar experience in another city in Spain.

You can start anywhere in the city centre, and enjoy the activity for up to 24 hours, so don’t hesitate to stop for lunch (and enjoy the discounts included in the experience) or take a break anytime you want.

Points Of Interest (POI) are specific places that appear on the interactive map of the App. They are divided into 4 categories, each represented with an icon easy to recognise:

  • History
  • Art
  • Gastronomy
  • Genuine Malaga

Each icon (POI) will point out a specific and interesting place to explore during your visit of the city.  Some icons include a red discount label, ,indicating that this POI will offer you, if you wish, a discount or a special offer (a “two for one”, a special deal, a free drink, etc).

You are free to design the itinerary you wish to follow, according to your own interests, and the time you have for the expeirence. You will be able to go to the POIs of your choice whenever you want. Every time you reach one, an Avatar will automatically pop up on your mobile/tablet explaining in a few words where you are and what is to knwo about that place. In case you wish to have more information, you will find a text just below

Every time you arrive at a POI, an Avatar will automatically pop up on your mobile device explaining in a few words where you are and what is noteworthy at that point. If you want to know more, you will find a text with more information just below. After the text, a game, a challenge or a question related to that place will appear on your screen. You will see how much fun it is! Don’t worry, it’s OK to fail. Once you’ve finished, go on to the next POI!

When you have visited all the POIs or decide to finish the experience, we will inform you of your score, which you can compare on our website with the average and the best results of the month.

i-Xperience is an activity designed to discover the city with no rush or pressure, ideally on foot. As we offer many POIs (Points of Interest), we are the ONLY experience that offers you up to 24 hours to enjoy it at your own pace, stop for lunch or even finish it the next day.

The experience includes an important number of discounts and special offers at various Points of Interest on the map. For example, there is a 2 for 1 discount in a museum, a free glass of wine, an olive oil tasting, discounts on fashion, etc. These discounts are completely optional, but if you are interested you can use them and save a lot of money during your visit and exploration of the city.

Yes, it’s a super original gift idea. Contact us and we will send you a personalised gift voucher valid for 1 year.

Soon you will be able to enjoy the i-Xperience in the main cities of Andalusia: Malaga, Marbella, Ronda, Granada, Seville, Estepona, Gibraltar, Cadiz and Cordoba.

When you buy one or more i-Xperience licences, you will be doing your bit for our next charity event. We will reserve 5% of the amount of your purchase for social and environmental purposes. Periodically, we will be carrying out specific actions that we will publish on our social networks. Follow us on Instagram ( for more information!

The App works with all the latest versions of iOS (min 10.1) and Android (Min V6).

In terms of battery, we recommend that you have as much power as possible. The licence will only work on one mobile device, so don’t let your mobile « die » due to battery level… If your battery is low, charge it as soon as possible.

i-Xperience is an ideal activity for both holiday tourism and business trips (incentives, conferences, team building, cultural tours, seminars, etc). It is set up for mini-groups of 1 to 3 people, following actual health recommendations, which makes it possible to organise global groups of up to 500 people without taking any health-related risks.

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