i-Xperience is the revolutionary activity you were waiting for... It doesn't compare to anything else. It is the new way of exploring and discovering the main cities of Andalusia (Malaga, Marbella, Seville, Granada, Ronda, Gibraltar, Estepona, etc), while you have fun, learn, participate in games/challenges and benefit from discounts and special offers in several museums, restaurants, shops etc..

Tienes hasta 24 horas para disfrutar de la experiencia, a tu ritmo y con total seguridad, solo, en pareja o con amigos, y lo único que necesitas es un Smartphone o una Tablet. Es fácil, original, seguro y realmente muy divertido.

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Thr i-Xperience is the most original and fun way of sightseeing in the city. You will explore, learn, discover and have a great time, and you can also benefit fromdiscounts and offers in various places and establishments in the city (bars and restaurants, museums, shops, attractions, etc.), so the activity could be totally free (for example, a couple can save up to €50, applicable between discounts and offers, depending on their interests).

The i-Essential is the most fun way to make a quick and complete visit of the city centre. You decide if you want us to guide you with our route, specially designed so that you don't miss the i-Essential places in the city centre; or on the contrary you can choose your own itinerary among the i-Essential points that we will show you at the beginning of your i-Xperience.

hanks to its geolocation system, the application (MooveGoApp) will take you to the most emblematicpoints of interest (POI) of the city, but also the most hidden and typical ones usually only known by locals. And do you know the best thing? It is specially designed so that you can complete your tour in a maximum of 3 hours, optimise your time in the city in a totally safe way (alone, in a couple or in a group) and in a very fun way (challenges, games, etc.). And all this, only with amobile device, which can be your phone (smartphone) or a tablet (works with IOS and Android) .

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The best way to discover the city while having fun, exploring and playing.


Your mobile phone or Tablet is the only tool you will need.


Enjoy exclusive discounts and especial offers, only for i-Xperience users.

100% security

Buy, Download and Enjoy one of the safest experiences available nowadays.


Information at a glance, challenges, games and much more...


Create your own itinerary, go at your own pace, and take a break anytime you want.

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